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Skynyrd & Friends
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2006

Lynyrd Skynyrd   
Ronnie Van Zant, Artimus Pyle, Gary Rossington, Leon Wilkeson
  Ed King, Billy Powell, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Bob Burns
Most Deserving Of Honorable Mention
The Honkettes-Cassie Gaines, Jo Jo Billingsley and Leslie Hawkins
The 2006 Hall of Fame official program
Jo Jo Billingsley /  Leslie Hawkins / Cassie Gaines
The Photo's Say it All !!!
Leslie Hawkins-Johns  Nice! Good Job Artimus  JoJo Billingsley-White

Artimus Pyle

More Classic Shots
JoJo, Leslie, Cassie

Early Skynyrd

The infamous shot of Ronnie wearing sun glasses because he got pulled off a tour bus & jumped
after one of his brothers shouted racist remarks off a tour bus and Ronnie was the first one they could grab.
Then his brothers watched from the bus while Ronnie got his ass kicked.
He still went on with the show.
The Skynyrd Family, The Brotherhood?
By the way Artimus wasn't in the band at the time.


Tommy Bolin with Skynyrd '76

    Gary Rossington, Willie and Billy Powell           Johnny Van Zant with Kaptain Kevin and Willie
     Ed King with Willie                                       Gary with Dale and Kevin
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Keep Scrolling

Ed King taking his Hall Of Fame Statue out for a meal.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame  

Nice! Good Job Artimus                            Artimus with Mike (Pilot)

Ed And Gary

                           Dixie                                                                        Randall Hall
Ronny V's
Mid 90's
                                                                 Danny Joe Brown  Molly Hatchet Banner Thomas

and Bobby Ingram, nice
Named after a 17th century axe murderess, Abigail "Hatchet Molly"
from Salem, MOLLY HATCHET's self-titled debut
album was released in September 1978.
Rumor has it,  
MOLLY  HATCHET's debut was to be produced by LYNYRD SKYNYRD frontman
Ronnie Van Zant, but on Oct. 20th 1977 the plane crash that took his life and the lives of
Steve Gaines,Cassie Gaines and road manager Dean Kilpatrick postponed these plans.
 The record would eventually earn platinum status for one
million U.S. sales, as did the follow-up Top-20 album,
"Flirting With Disaster", released a year later

Rest In Peace DJB March 10 '05

Paul Stanley             KISS                      Gene Simmons
I had to dig to Find these  Road Kill Memory's
Night Ranger and Road Kill at Mulcahys
                                                                                                Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy Of Night Ranger
                                              Kelly and Brad Checkin out Road Kill                  Then it was thier turn

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Keep Scrolling

Dan Ackroyd and  Marshall Tucker                                                         

Johnny Winter                                                          Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter and Les Dudek

                                     Rick Derringer with Rob                                             Look at this A gift  From Bobby Roach
                                           Sporting A Street Survivors T-Shirt                                       

 Peppi Marchello              My Friends Mike and Mickey                 

Michael  Haupt Formally of Road Kill Joins
The Good Rats

 The Good Rats '78 Those where the Days

The Killers Of Comedy


 Willie and Larry in the Beginning   with         Marlene of Sweet Little Sister
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Scroll down
  Bobby Roach                 G-Man       Cool White Gary                Mike and Tommy  
                                                           Who is that masked man ?                Long Haired country Boys
     Captain Kevin of WRCN and AJ of WPLR         
 Introducing Street Survivors at The Village Pub
     My Friend Ken                                           Ken and lilli                  
                        Mickey and Jeannie Ruland (Acousti-oakie Champ)         

                                                                                        Maryann & Chris with Indian larry                                                               Scroll down
Ronny V with Derick Trucks                           Chopper Bill                                         Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers

    Road Kill
The Finished Product

                           Todd, Mike, Willie. Leo
Road Kill                       Gooch               Todd                            Road Kill

                                                               Bobby Roach & Willie                             Peg and Mike

The Original Road Kill

                           The 1st  Road Kill and Crew                          Michael W Haupt                                                                         
             At Summers Beach Club                   M     H                                                   Bobby Roach Working on my
                                                                                               W                                      bike in Daytona so he could go riding all day


Marty of The L.I. Street Survivors
And Leo formaly of Road Kill  now with Lex Grey
Played in thier 5 Townes College Jazz Band together
It's a small world!
        Leo ---> <--Marty
                          Look at the Graduation Photo                  Happy Halloween    "Animal"                   Larry Topaz  '78 or so

                                                                                     The First Eliminator
1999 @ The All Aboard
Willie with Leo Benetti After Road Kill and Before
Rebel Soul

See You Later!

Rebel Soul